Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Morning person

I am a morning person.  I love the freshness of the morning air and the way the sun creeps over the horizon. 

Medium Boy and Small Boy woke up before me this morning.  The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Small Boy's face [how did his little newborn face get so huge?!] in mine.  I quickly squeezed my eyes shut but too late, he saw my eyes flicker.  He used his fingers then to pry my eyelids open, saying 'Mama, get up!'

A minute or 2 or 5 (haha!) more lazing around in bed would be nice, Small Boy.

Remember this when you have your own children - mama and papa woke up because you asked us to.

There are 2 things that my own dad said we must give more of to our children than he provided for me.  The first is love, and the second is education.  I woke up because of love this morning.

Education has been on my mind too with the recent news of PSLE review, official school banding abolished.  Medium Boy and Small Boy are not there yet.  I am in a dilemma whether to put them into my alum school (hypercompetitive) or a more holistic Catholic-based school.  I have 2 more years to decide for Medium Boy.

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