Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Good golly gosh! It is alive!!!

Some months ago, Aunt was occupied at the dining room table, either at the computer or peeling some vegetables.  She heard Small Boy stomp determindly out of the room like a mini elephant, and wondered briefly what he was up to.  However she did not turn around to check.

Small Boy materialised at her side and left a brown rectangular object at her left foot.  Aunt glanced down.... and shucks alive!  That brown rectangle is moving!!!
Small Boy managed to catch a lizard by its tail, and probably thought Aunt would love the gift :)

Luckily for Aunt, she is a seasoned secondary school teacher of Normal stream students for 20+ years and these pranks were not uncommon from her students.... She stayed very still upon seeing Small Boy's gift, got up slowly to get a tissue and disposed of the lizard leg in the dustbin.  Wow, what a woman.

I reckon it is in the nature of cats and small boys to leave live presents to the ones they love.  Small Boy must REALLY love Aunt then?

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