Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mommy is not a Princess

Medium Boy has been obsessed with fans and turning wheels.  At 8 months old, he turned cars around, used his hands to spin the wheels [that took many tries, 8 month old hands are not very agile], and watched them turn around.  Then he did it again... and again... and again.  The spinning wheels of the car occupied him for at least one hour every single day for at least a week.

At 2 years old, he asked his grandparents for a fan for his birthday.  They bought him a blue one in a MY department store.  His first 3 syllable word is propellar.

At 3 years old, he explained to me out of a fan brochure how hot and cold air circulates.  I learnt that BTU = British Thermal Unit., and we went through colours together using fan brochures from Courts, Harvey Norman and Mega Discount Store.  Is it any wonder that he knew his blacks, whites, and greys  before any other colour...

At 4 years old, he notices fans and propellars everywhere he goes.  Even flowers are fans!!!

Ah Kung had come to stay with us over the past 2 weeks.  Medium Boy is esctatic, as he has a handyman on tap to fix all sorts of fan-like gadgets for him.  Ah Kung came up with a portable stroller fan innovation with interchangable blades.  During our after-lunch pretend time today, Medium Boy asked me to go with him into his Ikea tent to demonstrate the fan's capabilities.

MB: Look mummy!  Ah Kung made me a fan with many blades.  Look... I can change the blades.
Me: Oh very good.  May I have the pink blade on the fan please?
MB: OK!  - fixes the pink blade -  Pink is a girl colour correct?  For princesses...
Me: Ummmm.... (thinking to myself - where does he get these gender / colour stereotypes from?!)
Me:  Good, you fixed the pink blades for me.  Is mommy a princess?
MB: (cocks his head and thinks a while) NOOOOO.... Mommy is mummy, Mommy cannot be a princess.

You got that right baby.  Mommy is THE queen of the castle, not a mere princess :)

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