Thursday, 20 September 2012


I called Aunt's place to instruct the helper to be ready in 5 minutes for us to pick her up.  After speaking to me, she passed the phone onto Small Boy.  "Where is Kor kor?" was his first question to me.

When Small Boy entered the car, he realised that Kor Kor is not there.  Asked the Husband "Where is Kor kor, Papa?"

Happy that Small Boy loves Medium Boy.  Medium Boy shares his food and toys with Small Boy frequently.  I am not worried about the flow of love in that direction.  Small Boy however.... takes every chance to fight with his brother over toys.  Once in exasperation, I wondered aloud in the presence of Small Boy "Why do you fight with Kor Kor all the time?!".  "I like to fight, Mama!" was Small Boy's earnest answer. 

Ah, the truth emerges.


  1. I think life is boring without siblings to fight with!

  2. E, I totally agree! I had 3 sisters to fight with growing up. Imagine the ruckus over mirror and wardrobe and shoe cabinet space when we were teenagers. Heh.