Saturday, 8 September 2012

Parenthood being a job vs being a relationship

One of my facebook friends posts the most wonderful affirmations and thoughts about bringing up children, and staying sane in the process. I must admit: I check her wall daily.

However this morning when I logged in for my usual dose, it wasn't her post which set me thinking, bt another daddy friend who (I reckon) is frequently busy with his 2 young sons to post many things.

When I read This, I realize why I am frequently exhausted. Raising 2 young ones is below the age of 5 is an exercise in keeping up with the many many jobs that need to be done.  This too shall pass and they will grow up soon enough that the relationship returns to centre stage (as it should be!).  I caanot wait for the job part of being a mum to be over.

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