Friday, 7 September 2012

School holiday. All my boys are out while I work

Today is workday 5 on the August month end close timetable.  I am unable to take leave today.

Medium Boy is off school as today is Teacher's Day in Singapore.  My aunt, who normally would have taken both boys in on school holidays, has scheduled something in the morning for herself.  She is concerned that leaving 2 energetic young boys (and my 94 year old grandma) with 2 domestic helpers would be too much for the helpers to handle! [I reckon she is right... looking after the boys during the weekends exhaust me!]

Tadah... Enter the Husband to the rescue!  He is out with both boys - alone - this morning.  He is bringing them out to the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay  We were there with the boys last weekend. They ooh-ed and aah-ed in wonder at the height of the waterfall in the air conditioned conversatory, so much that their mouths were open half the time from looking up.  Tee hee hee!

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