Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Weather forecasts in Singapore

The meteorologists in Singapore have it easy.  The weather forecast is inevitably "Sunny with occasional showers in the late morning and early afternoon" in all of the weather reports on the television during my growing up years (when I still watched TV).   I heard that particular sentence again this morning on radio.... The time is nearly 2pm.  The sky is clear with little sign of the rain-bringing cumulus-nimbus clouds.  Where oh where are the showers in the late morning and early afternoon hiding?  I need rain.  It is too hot to think now.

When I was living in Melbourne, the weather forecasts were more varied, and to my great surprise, accurate.  Melbourne is famed for having 4 seasons in one day.  I learnt to keep abreast of the weather news in order to plan my weekend activities there.  I remember one summer day in Jan 2003 which started off at 44 degrees C in the morning.  A squall blew into St Kilda's beach around noon, and the temperature dropped to 21 degrees C.  I was prepared for the wind chill and brought my wind breaker out with me.

The only weather variance in Singapore is when I step in and out of air-conditioning, which seems to be set at a chilly 20 degrees C.  Brrr.  Hopping in and out of air-conditioned places into 30 degrees C sunshine is not good for health at all.

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