Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Upcoming concert

Thanks to E (a fellow April mommy) who dased down yesterday to buy tickets from the Sistic counter, the Husband, I, Medium Boy and Small Boy are going to the SSO Babies Prom concert on 6 Dec 2012 10am.  We had brought the boys in 2010 and 2011 to the Esplanade Concert Hall.  In 2010, while bringing Medium Boy to the stage to wander amongst the orchestra at the end of the show, part of my little toenail was ripped off in the rush to the stage.  My fault - I wore Birkenstocks to the concert!  Having learnt my lesson, I made sure to wear covered shoes to the 2011 concert.  Normally rational women turn into a mob when jostling for space to watch over their little ones on the stage.

It is a pity that I only got to know about SSO Babies Prom in 2010.  Medium Boy would have enjoyed the concerts very much in earlier years.  He listened to "Uncle Peter's music" (quote unquote) all through and his eyes were fixated onto the stage.  He knew when to clap enthusiastically too...!

Small Boy was just half a year old in 2010, but I put him in an ergo and brought him along anyway.  Last year (2011), he seemed to enjoy the drums best.  Perhaps his hearing is not so developed yet that he can pick out the higher pitches. 
I look forward to attending the concert with Medium Boy and Small Boy this year.  Indeed children see and hear things differently from adults. 

Hmm.  Time to send them to music appreciation class?  I enjoy my weekends with them too much to ship them off to class.  Maybe another year.  I was teaching Medium Boy the music notes (A-G) using the piano at home.  At one point, he knew where Middle C is.  I stopped earlier this year due to work pressures.  Need to pick up the music lessons with them again, and teach them how to read towgay (= beansprouts.  Singaporean slang for musical notation).

End of post.  Double Bar Line.  *grin *

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