Monday, 24 September 2012

Elephants and Bees

The Husband brought Medium Boy out in the car - no we did not get tickets, we were too tight fisted for that - on the Benjamin Sheares bridge last night to hear the roar of the F1 race machines.  Medium Boy and the Husband were watching the race on television when Medium Boy said that the wheels turning reminded him of fans.  The Husband immediately offered to drive him down to the race track, and he said YAY!

When Medium Boy came back, I asked him "What does the racing car sound like?"  He put on this thinking look for a while, tilting his head to the side.  I could not resist prompting "Maybe it sounds like a lion or tiger... roaring?"  He seemed to come to a decision all of a sudden.  "Mama, they sound like 2 different animals - elephants and bees!"

The thump of the elephants' hooves and the whiny drone of the bees put together, do make up the sound of the F1 engines.  You constantly amaze me, Medium Boy.

Medium Boy takes in information via his ears first.  He is an auditory learner, with a secondary kinesthetic sense.  Just like me :)  I remember it was the Husband's voice that first attracted me.  Baritone with a hint of tenor in his laugh.  Now the little boys chirp like soprano birds whenever they are together.  Medium Boy does more chirping than Small Boy currently as his vocabulary is more extensive.  I am pretty sure 2 years down the road, Small Boy will be chirping non stop at his kor kor.. until Medium Boy tells him to keep quiet!

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