Thursday, 6 September 2012

Morning snapshots

I woke up this morning to Small Boy's coughs.  Medium Boy coughed loudly enough during the night to wake me up at least once.  It must be the haze that is causing their little lungs to react to the dust in the air.  Time to run the Delphin air purifier this evening.

Winked at Small Boy, alternating left and right eyes.  He found that really amusing and laughed out loud, a real belly laugh that rumbled its way up his little stocky body, and burst out of his little mouth.

When Medium Boy awoke and flopped himself like a fish upon the couch, Small Boy walked up to him, touched his shoulder, grinned and roared at his kor kor.  After a few tentative roars by Small Boy, Medium Boy got into the act by pretending to spit saliva at Small Boy.  They played with each other like that for at least 10 minutes, giving me time to brush my teeth and wash my face, without any interruptions (this so rarely happens that it calls for a celebration!).

I had a mini roaring lion and a fountain today, instead of 2 little boys!  heheh.

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