Thursday, 13 September 2012

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Oh dear!  So much drawing of lines in the sand amongst parents... primarily mothers!
Pax sisters.... Use the arms raised now in anger to hug a mother who does not mother the same way as you do.  Use the passion behind the words to build a better tomorrow for our daughters.

(Hypothetical daughter for me.  Since I do not have one)

I belong to the category of moms who do not, simply do not like the drudgery of the jobs part of parenting.  I dearly wish that there was a magic wand that I can wave with a swish, and both Medium Boy and Small Boy are capable of self care.  I do however realise that the jobs are what I make of them, and the relationships are what I make of them.

Last night, Small Boy woke up from 4-5am, murmuring to himself and keeping me awake, and could not sleep even after his milk feed.  I was so afraid that he would make enough noise to wake up Medium Boy.  Small Boy eventually rolled around and went back to sleep at 5am.  Ah.  Both boys do look like angels when they are sleeping.

I would write more on Moxie's post.  But I need to dash.

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