Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Liquid crystal displays and a child's wisdom on Aging

There is something about the moving words and numbers on liquid crystal displays 'LCDs' that attracts the attention of the little ones.  The highlight of any airport jaunt for Small Boy is the stop at the gigantic flight information display board at Terminal 2.  He will not move from the spot until he has seen at least one set of numbers quote, unquote 'jumping'.  "Please hold on to the handrails" in the skytrain between the terminals fascinate him.  So does "Bus stopping" on the SBS bus.

Medium Boy used to love moving words and numbers.  Why, we had to bring him to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authorities to collect his first passport in person.  He was 5 months old then, and stared like a stunned zombie at the red letters and flashing numbers across the LCDs.

This morning, I told Medium Boy that he finished all his broccoli and chicken last night, hence he is taller and stronger than before.  He earnestly replied "Then I will be 6 years old correct?" [He is currently 4 years 2 months old].  In his mind, eating vegetables makes him grow up tall and strong, and .... older.  Hmmm.  Well, dearest, Mummy is still faithfully eating her vegetables at every meal and yes I am growing older too.  You might well have a point there.

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