Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Temper temper

Small Boy has a temper that is a match for the Husband and myself.  This morning, he spilled 2 biscuits of the container he held in his hand when we were walking to the car park.  He accused Medium Boy of taking his biscuits but I knew that cannot be true as Medium Boy was nowhere near Small Boy on the way to the carpark.  Is 2 years 5 months old enough to control his temper? 

According to the Husband, yes.  The Husband's cardinal rule is that no one must scream or throw tantrums while he is driving.   I totally understand that as I am unable to pay attention to my surroundings while driving, when either of the boys is screaming.  Talking loudly is still ok for me... I can tune that out.  However a scream/whine hooks itself onto my ears and into my soul, signalling something is out of whack.

According to me.... it depends.  Small Boy was really aggrieved that his beloved biscuits were gone.  I understand too the depth of his anguish.

I believe that children catch behaviours from us.  They will do what they see us doing, not what we tell them to do.  When I react with kindness and gentleness now, they will learn how to manage their own emotions.  I am after all growing a child, not a robot who bends to my own whims and fancies.

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