Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday musings

I live right next door to a popular primary school.  Today marks the first day of the last primary school semester of the year.  Woke up at 7am to angsty honking of cars.  Ah well, the light rain last night probably meant that many primary school children were roused up from their sleep for their first day of school after the week long school holidays.  Thus the parents were already in a bad mood when they arrived at school with their sleepy children in tow. 

There is only one narrow road to drop the children off at the carpark behind Tao Nan when it starts to rain.  Guess the honking parent(s) was thinking about all the things that they needed to complete, and saw the cars in front as yet another obstacle to the start of the day.

My dad used to drive us all to school in the mornings when we were in primary school.  I remember it always being a mad rush out of the house after gobbling down my Milo and egg-and-toast sandwich.  My mum believed in feeding us all breakfast before we left the house to give us energy for the school day and the work day.

I am grateful for the rain today which cleared away some of the haze from Indonesia.  Plus... the plants get some water to drink.  The last week in Singapore had been hot and hazy.  Perhaps the smoke particles trapped more heat in the air.... the humidity was very high!

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