Thursday, 27 September 2012

Two is enough

When some kaypoh (inquisitive) relatives learn I have 2 boys, their next question is "Are you trying for a girl next?"  My responses range from a polite No, followed by a rapid change in the subject to "Can anyone guarantee that the next baby is a girl, what if it is a boy again? Imagine 3 active boys running around!"

Right now, I really cannot imagine having another baby.  Small Boy woke me up with requests for milk in the middle of the night for 3 consecutive nights, and my body is aching.  Neck, shoulder, upper arms.  Ouch.  The first 2-3 years of a newborn's life requires a mother's constant care... there are just so many things to do that I am unable to carve out my own head space to have a coherant thought!

Maybe in 18 years time, I will look back and say "I wish I had given birth to another one, boy or girl".  Right now, my aching body reminds me that I need to keep myself physically well first in order to be a good mother.

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